by Edible Garden City

The Scent of Home was a concept project to rebrand the shop, Nong By Edible Garden City Singapore - a local shop promoting urban farming in Singapore.The challenge was to help Nong grow amongst new target audiences- young families. Since the shop sells herbs & other plants, the aim was to convey the importance of smell made by Nong's products to these target audiences so to connect them emotionally hence the catchphrase, "memories are grown not bought". The elements for the logo that captured the quintessence of the shop were Fresh, Sense of smell, and Culture. Hence, fresh, vibrant colors such as green and yellow were used, which were similar to the color of the herbs. The white strokes in the logo look like the stem and branches, symbolising the spreading of culture, as well as forming the Chinese character 'Nong'.

PROJECT:   Branding, packaging, advertising video

CLIENT:      Nong by Edible Garden City

AWARDS:   Crowbar Awards 2015 

                    ADAA Awards