Here's a glimpse into my experience in Hong Kong for 3 months during internship

Weekend 2 

29 March 2015


The arts scene in HK is really warm and just incredible. Finally got to see Yoshimoto Nara's paintings and installations for the first time and went to a movie premiere with colleagues. This week was pretty eventful. Time to take a catnap.


Weekend 1

15 March 2015


Had dimsum for breakfast with great company before they all flew back to SG, and on Sunday I discovered an entire 11 floors of art studios and galleries in the building near my apartment, and at the top floor there's a cafe dedicated to the art community, by The Coming Society. There were also art exhibitions by local artists, shortfilm screenings, and handmade products for sale by the artists. The place is where they work, eat, play and chat with friends about what they love and it's pretty amazing. 


13 March 2015


Finally got used to the traffic. The pace of life here is much faster than SG, and everyone is a fast walker which is great. What I find weird is that the people in Hongkong love Jap food? There are as many Yoshinoyas as there are Macs and Starbucks. 


7 March 2015


Took a morning flight and arrived in the afternoon, had lunch with an aunt that lives in HK and then walked around the streets for a while with my parents. The weather in this period is like air conditioning in Singapore, and it's pretty great.